Happy 2012!/I Survived AZ {Holidays}

Happy 2012 (and 2 year blogiversary to me)!  I’ve awoken from a lengthy holiday food coma and can finally show you all the delicious causes of said food-induced power nap.

The family and I spent Christmas in AZ to visit my brother and sis in law.  While I’ll still consider the state “weird,” I do love that they have Dunkin’ Donuts.  I mean seriously, CA.  Let’s get it together.  All of America runs on Dunkin’ EXCEPT the golden state.

Among the piles of french crullers and chocolate w/ sprinkles, I did manage to eat some actual food while in the Grand Canyon state:

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I Ate My Way Through The City Part 3: Street Food [NY]

NYC didn’t seem to be as inundated with food trucks as LA is.  But there are plenty of food carts to go around.  The only difference?  One is a truck (duh) and drives around.  The other is smaller, is in fact, not a truck, and where you’ll probably get the greatest meat in the world from.  More on that later.

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I Ate My Way Through The City Part 2: Pizza [NY]

They say it’s the tap water than makes New York pizza so delicious (and bagels, but that’s for another blog post).  I’m not sure if there’s any truth behind that tale, but I do miss the city’s crisp and clean tap water.  It hasn’t been filtered and over-treated and doesn’t taste like chlorine cough LA cough.

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